Example of the full range of data to upload in the system to be able to use all the Sen4CAP processors contains:

  • 01_site_extent: extent of the example site in the Netherlands (shp)
  • 02_parcels_declaration: parcels declaration belonging to this site and fields attribution (shp and txt)
  • 03_L4A_LUT: Look-Up-Table which links the original crop code with a series of information used by the advanced processors (needed for all L4x processors)
  • 04_L4B_config_file: configuration file for the use of the L4B grassland mowing processor
  • 05_L4C_config_file_and_practice_files: configuration file and practice files (harvest and catch crop) for the use of the L4C EFA practices monitoring processor

In the 02_parcels_declaration directory, you can also find a sample of the parcels belonging to this site (10% of the 313039 parcels, by original crop code) if you want to get faster results. The practice files corresponding to this sample are available in the 05_L4C_config_file_and_practice_files directory.