Other CAP reform related projects

EGNSS4CAP is a mobile phone application for farmers in the European Union to digitalise procedures surrounding their reporting requirements under the current and post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform. New rules adopted by the European Commission for the current and upcoming CAP allow a range of modern satellite-based technologies to be used when administering and controlling area-based payments. For example, automatic monitoring procedures employing data and signals from both the Copernicus and Galileo programmes can be used to reduce the number of On The Spot Checks (OTSC). The use of these technologies is a part of the European Commission’s ongoing commitment to modernise and simplify the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) processes within CAP. The EGNSS4CAP application will use Galileo differentiators to enable farmers to provide geo-tagged photos that both support and complement a Copernicus Sentinel-based monitoring approach for CAP. Mass market devices such as smartphones and tablets will be able to run the application and use GNSS to provide location and timing of the photo ensuring required accuracy and authentication for reporting to the paying agencies.