Sen4CAP Videos

Recording of 6th webinar in January 2021

Webinar 6

We presented the upcoming release of version 2.0 with the main focus on the markers database and the outcomes of the season 2020 demonstration in the pilot countries.

Recording of 5th webinar in November 2020


We presented the upcoming release of version 1.3, the new processor for tillage detection, and discussed the end of the project in terms of user support. Justina Vitkute from the Danish paying agency presented their Sen4CAP experiment with maize harvest analysis for the season 2019.

Recordings of the on-line training in April 2020


Lesson 1: Introduction to the system

Sen4CAP system and visualization tool: objective, overview, architecture, data flow.


Lesson 2: Auxiliary information preparation

When and how to upload auxiliary data necessary to start using the Sen4CAP processors.


Lesson 3: Upload of parcels information

Upload subsidy application layer (parcels) and configuration files for different processors.


Lesson 4: First steps of the system operation

Connect to the web interface, create and configure your site, launch the automatic mode. Then monitor the download and processing progress.


Lesson 5: System installation

ICT requirements and the installation procedure.

Short videos on Sen4CAP products and use cases


Sen4CAP overview

A short overview of the Sen4CAP project - partners, how it addresses the diversity of the European agricultural landscape, about Sen4CAP system, examples of the results produced in season 2019 for different pilot countries.


Crop type mapping supporting crop diversification

Sen4CAP crop type classification in the context of compliance assessment with regard to the crop diversification rules.


Monitoring of agricultural practices

About the concept of the S1 and S2 time-series analyses per parcel and applying decision trees to determine the degree of compliance of the declared agricultural practice.


Detection of mowing events

Based on mowing intervals detected and the mowing mandatory periods, the grassland mowing processor assesses parcel compliancy with regard to the national regulations.


Visualisation of the Sen4CAP results

Some examples of how Sen4CAP products could be visualised. For the purpose of the presentation of the datasets produced for the pilot countries, an existing WebGIS application was configured and upgraded to demonstrate how Sen4CAP products can be integrated into existing standard GIS environment of the Paying Agency.